This software provides a method for generating ROI masks based on the Talairach Daemon database [1, 2]. The atlases include Brodmann area, Lobar, Hemisphere, Anatomic Label and Tissue Type. The atlases have been extended to the vertex in MNI space (see Atlas Modifications under Technical Notes), and corrected for the precentral gyrus anomaly (see reference 3 below). Additional atlases can be added without much difficulty. The toolbox was developed in the Functional MRI Laboratory at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Questions can be referred to

Current Release: 3.0.5
Prerequisite software:

We are announcing a major new release of the WFU_pickatlas software. Key enhancements include:

1. Incorporation of non-human primate and animal atlases
2. Results viewer allowing use of SPM and non-SPM data sets (e.g. FSL, AFNI, etc.)
3. On-the-fly statistical thresholding and roi-generation
4. Label and statistics reports generation
5. Nifti compatibility
6. Developer's manual describing additional atlas integration

Current Release: 2.5
Prerequisite software:

Previous Release: 2.4
Prerequisite software:

Updates for 2.4 are found on our NITRC PickAtlas Page

If you use the Talairach Daemon atlas within the PickAtlas software, please make sure to appropriately reference the creators of the Talairach Daemon in addition to referencing the PickAtlas. The appropriate references are listed below:

1. Lancaster, J.L., Summerln, J.L., Rainey, L., Freitas, C.S., Fox, P.T., 1997. he Talairach Daemon, a database server for Talairach Atlas Labels. NeuroImage 5, S633.
2. Lancaster, J.L., Woldorff, M.G., Parsons, L.M., Liotti, M., Freitas, C.S., Rainey, L., Kochunov, P.V., Nickerson, D., Mikiten, S.A., Fox, P.T., 2000. Automated Talairach atlas labels for functional brain mapping. Hum. Brain Mapp. 10, 120–131.
3. Maldjian, J.A., Laurienti, P.J., Kraft, R.A., Burdette, J.H., 2003. An automated method for neuroanatomic and cytoarchitectonic atlas-based interrogation of fmri data sets. NeuroImage 19, 1233– 1239 (WFU Pickatlas, version X.xx).

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