Abnormal Cross-Modal Sensory Processing in Dyslexia

Grant Start Date: 2004-06-01
Grant End Date: 2006-05-31

Principal Investigator:
Jonathan H. Burdette, M.D.

Investigators and Personnel:
David Hairston, Ph.D.
Funded By:

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During an auditory discrimination task, dyslexic readers showed “increased activity” in left Brodmann Area (BA) 17 compared with control readers. This finding was actually due to diminished “deactivation” in this region in the dyslexic readers. Furthermore, during a visual discrimination task, the dyslexic readers inappropriately suppressed activity in the exact same BA 37 region. Thus, an inappropriate activation/deactivation profile in left BA 37 may underlie some of the deficiencies seen in dyslexic readers. The normal auditory-visual interactions necessary for good reading likely requires fine control over activation/deactivation patterns in BA37.

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