Kinematics of Impact Data Set

Principal Investigator:
Joel Stitzel, PhD

Investigators and Personnel:
Stefan Duma
Joseph A. Maldjian, M.D.
Elizabeth (Moody) Davenport
Alex Powers
Daryl Rosenbaum, M.D.
Christopher Thomas Whitlow, MD, PhD, MHA

This is a collaboration with School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, and Virginia Tech. This study will instrument and map the head impact exposure of youth football players for all age groups from 6 years through 18 years. This program will consist of over 240 instrumented helmets on six different football teams in Virginia and North Carolina. It is anticipated that this research program will greatly enhance the understanding of child brain biomechanics and will lead to improvements in youth practice and game techniques as well as the development of improved helmets specifically designed for children. The study is the first of its kind to look at the full age spectrum from age 6 to 18.

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